My love for shoes has always existed, having a pretty big collection before “AE Shoes” to be born.

My dream was to create special collections of shoes that will be exposed in the local and international markets.
My ideas began to “explode” and to be admired by those around me, asking me to create some shoes for them.
AE Shoes was created out of the passion for handmade, where we combined the classic models of handmade shoes with the modern and extravagant designs. AE shoes is an unique concept for women who “dare to be different”(same like our moto).
We created models together with the ideas of our clients and we often came out with extraordinary shoes, desired by other clients, shops, etc.

Although it is a difficult road and the shoemaking industry is much more complex than it seems from the outside, we are a full team, 5-6 people are working only on a pair of shoes, each with his own task, to create the final product putting their love and passion in what they do.

When the client is happy and we have a positive feedback, it is a feeling that gives you the strength to move on and want to “grow” more and more. I started at the age of 23, now I am 28 and I wish I could take the name “AE Shoes” in other countries in the future.


Perioada de lucru a produselor, acestea fiind executate manual, este de 20-30 de zile!